Medical Services
Ensuring global operational readiness
Medical services are vital to the armed forces. Equipping them with the right resources and skills, at the right time and in the right place. ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH provides support to this comprehensive challenge in the form of tailored solutions and services.

Systematic optimisation

Delivering holistic support

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH contributes to maintaining and increasing the operational readiness of medical services with tailored solutions and services - from medical supplies and military pharmacy to armaments projects. A powerful team is available to you, with medical and logistics training/qualifications, operational and armed services experience, as well as many years of project experience in medical and logistics projects.

As a partner to medical services, ESG stands for:

  • Provision of services and overall responsibility for supporting medical service tasks, including the technical-logistical support of logistics systems and medical devices
  • Alignment of commercial services with military and medical needs
  • Incorporation and integration of further skilled, reliable and highly specialised technology and product partners, as well as of services up to a complete solution ready for use
  • Comprehensive expertise in the field of medical services, logistics, engineering and IT, including our own research and development of tailored solutions
  • Logistical innovator and integrator within the framework of material & product life cycle management  
  • Technology and innovation partner for industry and public sector clients, such as the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support, the Joint Medical Service or the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning 

Logistic matter adviser and solution development within the framework of supply management, integrated logistic support and the comprehensive introduction of SASPF.

Our consultancy and solution competencies:

  • Management of medical supplies
  • Roll-over from medical supplies to performance based logistics
  • Logistics integrator
  • Technical documentation, environmental compatibility analyses, risk assessments, integrated lifecycle support, logistics support analysis
  • Life cycle cost analyses
  • Material management and storage
  • Logistical concepts (project-related logistical concept, packaging)
To ESG logistic services


ESG performs numerous simulations of performance and potential identification for individual sub-units of the Bundeswehr. This includes the capability of forecasting material operational readiness of the Eurofighter weapon system and simulation-based analysis of the rescue chain.

Our forward-looking qualities:

  • Logistical IT simulation
  • Discrete event simulation for predicting system behaviour
  • Tool-assisted evaluation of logistical processes along the supply chain (IT)
  • Data quality management (IT)


Functionalities for the user:

  • Training simulators for minimal invasive surgery
  • Treatment under combat conditions
  • Future-oriented telemedical procedures


We support you with:

  • Material management of Bundeswehr hospitals and regional medical facilities
  • Technical equipment of medical facilities for operations
  • Modification and expansion of building infrastructure (Bundeswehr hospitals and institutions)
  • On-site identification and logging of medical devices and medical equipment in Bundeswehr hospitals and institutions on site
  • Domestic operations


Our services:

  • Feasibility studies for military devices
  • Support to medical logistics in operations
  • Logistical flow of goods and material equipment including digital logging with the aid of a warehouse management system
  • Support to material in operations
  • Research/implementation of new means of transport


We develop appropriate material solutions in accordance with customer wishes. In addition to our own capabilities, we at ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH can also call upon an extensive network of cooperation partners with whom each development project can be successfully completed.

SASPF master data, IT solutions, NAF architecture

As a long-term partner to the Bundeswehr, ESG is always here for you and brings competencies in all aspects of information technology.

We support you through:

  • Elaboration of SASPF-compliant master data for NVG-SAN for the mapping of devices
  • Elaboration of SASPF-compliant master data for EVG-SAN for the mapping of medications
  • Development of databases for SASPF master data management
  • NATO Architecture Framework


  • HPE-STAR study biomonitoring for smart clothing
  • Simulation-based analysis of the rescue chain
  • Feasibility study of protected highly mobile Role 2B  
  • SASPF logistical master data processing for medical supplies
  • Technical-logistical support of modular medical facilities
  • Development of MedEvac conversion kit
  • Support to BAAINBw with medical services projects

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