Product Lifecycle Management
Tailored solutions – integrated implementation

Availability and cost efficiency are the decisive factors in the lifecycle of complex durable assets. As an independent partner for the German Army and industry, we facilitate the optimum solution from the development phase to operation and phasing out.

Maximum readiness with simultaneous cost reduction

We embody your goals



  • All product life cycle management (PLM) services from a single source
  • Improved readiness and availability of your systems
  • High flexibility thanks to neutral consulting
  • We undertake the identification and substitution of obsolete components for you: our hazardous substance and obsolescence management extends throughout the entire life cycle of technical systems
  • Reduction in your total life cycle costs through our obsolescence management
  • Handling of strict safety requirements and standards
  • High level of experience in the defence technology sector
Our services in
Product Lifecycle Management
  • Hazard assessments with OSIMA®
  • Environmental compatibility analyses
  • CE marks / product conformity
Integrated Logistic Support
  • Logistic support analysis
  • Product observation
  • Life cycle cost management
  • Obsolescence management
Logistic Forecast Capability
  • Logistic analyses
  • Logistic simulation
  • Tools (OpusSuite, AnyLogic, InfoZoom®, SASPF BI)
Documentation & IETD
  • Spare parts catalogue / materials management
  • System sheets
  • Technical illustrations
  • NATO cataloguing
  • Central control and local processing for operation and maintenance of the product/system
  • Tools: QuILS/APART
Logistic Concepts & Studies
  • Project-related logistics concept
  • Material maintenance concept
  • Device repair concept
  • Logistic analyses with simulation
Material Management
  • Material and spare part management incl. procurement
  • Target & requirements management
  • Inventory management
  • Complaints management
  • Supply from one or multiple storage facilities
  • Repairs control (device management) for land vehicles
  • Interface with SASPF and therefore full integration into the LogSysBw
  • Tool: MDNpro
Traffic & Transport

Methodological and operative support for transport management across transport carriers

  • Support for the Traffic & Transport department of the Bundeswehr logistics centre with INTRALOG
  • IT tasks
  • Service provider for operation and performance controlling in transport logistics
  • Tasks in process organisation
  • Support tasks for SASPF

Our references

  • Operation of the Central Bundeswehr Spare Parts Logistics (ZEBEL) and materials management A400M
  • Execution of hazard assessments and environmental compatibility analyses for the Bundeswehr and industry
  • Integrated logistic support (ILS) – analyses for systems of the Bundeswehr and industry (e.g. MEADS, LFK METEOR)
  • Life cycle cost management (LCCM) – support for project departments at BAAINBw in recording and maintaining life cycle costs (e.g. LFK METEOR)
  • Analysis of logistics processes, mass data and data quality management and optimisation of spare parts stocking for the Bundeswehr and industry
  • Creation and amendment of the technical documentation in accordance with ASD S1000D and S2000M for airborne and land-based weapons systems of the Bundeswehr
  • Civilian commercial support for the Traffic & Transport department of the Bundeswehr logistics centre with INTRALOG (online transport request recording)
  • Development of forecast capability for material readiness of the Air dimension, based on the example of the Eurofighter weapons system
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