Training systems
Resource-conserving and highly realistic
ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH training systems use state-of-the-art technology to make training effective and reduce dependence on resources. Our systems are all certified per STANAG 3797 and NATO FST SOP.

Realistic training

of Joint Fire Support Teams

With the trainer variants specially designed for the training of Joint Fire Support Teams, we place great importance on the conditions being as close to reality as possible. By using a dome as well as various mock-ups, combined with virtual reality glasses, we provide scenarios that prepare warfighters for the worst-case scenario in the best possible way. VBS3 from Bohemian Interactive is used for the virtual reality presentation. Adaptation/changes are of course possible.

Different trainers available

No matter whether individual actions or entire procedures are to be trained, we have the right solution for all variants. With a solution using mock-ups, entire teams can train simultaneously and under real-life conditions to optimize their procedures.

Our solutions:

  • Procedure trainer
  • Action trainer
  • Simulator networks

Different stations integrated

We provide the necessary resources and support for training and qualification of specialists, such as JTACs or fire control personnel.

Our services:

  • Instructor station
  • Briefing / Debriefing station
  • Terrain and mission planning station

Your advantages

  • Flexible training levels
  • Variable training configurations
  • Up to four parallel exercises
  • Combat training with simulated equipment
  • Mounted and dismounted missions
  • Scenario-based behavioural modules
  • Integration of real command and control systems
  • NATO certified
  • Cost-efficient & innovative

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