Deployable Systems
Maximum flexibility


Multi-Sensor evaluation system
  • Evaluation of UAS-data (STANAG conformal)
  • Storing, handling and distribution of Full-Motion-Video-Livestreams
  • Data exchange of detection results based on coalition shared database (CSD)
  • Implementation of two security domains in one container system
Tactical data link (TDL) JFS
  • Communication and coordination element for the Joint Fire Support Team (JFST)
  • Communication element for the Joint Fire Support Coordination Group (JFSCG)
  • Real-time data exchange in the network-enabled STF system

Command Posts

Air force mobile command & control system
  • Assurance of command capability for the mission forces Lw
  • Specifically equipped container types
  • Up to three security domains per container
  • Provides interoperability and network-enabled capabilities
GSCS Eurofighter
  • Planning and control system for deployment and maintenance
  • Ensuring operational readiness of a squadron on a Deployed Operation Base
  • Up to three security domains per container
Command post for MCD
  • Enhancement of GSCS
  • HF-shielded container building
  • Modular and two-storey construction

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