smart energy solutions
Uninterruptible power supply for any mission

Shifting parameters for military exercises and operations as well as ambitious environmental protection goals pose considerable challenges for the future energy supply of military vehicles.

Ongoing vehicle upgrades to increase operational readiness and operational capability lead to increasing energy requirements. Conventional technology alone, however, can no longer cover these requirements bearing in mind the restrictions caused by form-fit-function concepts. The scope for improving the efficiency of current internal combustion engines is also very limited, while at the same time the consumption of fossil fuels needs to be reduced.

Energy supply systems that are sustainable in the long term must therefore fulfil exacting requirements: They must meet military capability requirements and be free of fossil fuels by 2045 in order to ensure operational readiness and contribute to achieving climate protection goals.

the solution
Variable speed generators as a hybrid system

The variable speed generator as a hybrid system developed by ESG and 2H Energy is the first proven power supply solution to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. It offers a transitory technology to meet the goals for future power supply systems and already demonstrates multiple benefits for military deployment today.

Smart, efficient & sustainable
  • Stable and uninterruptible power supply
  • Qualified for military use (STANAG II)
  • Optimised for territorial defence and stabilisation missions
  • Increase combat effectiveness by raising endurance and ensuring cold start capability
  • 30 % reduction in fuel consumption despite multi-fuel capability
  • 30 % reduction in CO2 and NOX emissions
  • Significantly quieter
  • Higher performance within the same installation space
  • Reduced wear and tear
  • Improved reliability
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  • Designed for the toughest environmental conditions
  • STANAG II protection available
  • Operating temperature range at full power from -31°C to +49°C
  • Storage at temperatures from -46°C to+71°C
  • Full operation capability whilst on the carrier vehicle and moving over rough terrain
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  • Intuitive user interface facilitates stress-free handling
  • Various autonomous and manual refuelling methods
  • Completely remotely controllable via a routable, secure network protocol
  • Integrated software
    automatically selects the best power supply
    in every situation

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  • Scalable from 2 kVA to 300 kVA
  • Better integration into the installation space of vehicles/shelters by reducing the size of the motor or generator
  • Variable output frequencies and voltages also
    possible due to the advanced inverter technology

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  • Integrated mains connectivity with mains filter and
    galvanic isolation
  • Reliable stabilised output voltage of 90 V to 450 V at a frequency
    of between 45 Hz to 65 Hz.
  • Direct current  continuously available for up to 1 hour
    without the diesel engine running
  • Diesel engine always runs at the optimum speed

The variable speed generator as a hybrid system developed by ESG and 2H Energy will in future be deployed as the new Prime Power Unit for the world's most powerful artillery location radar COBRA (Counter Battery Radar).

For many years, ESG has been responsible for the in-service support and further development of the COBRA system as prime contractor and System Design Authority (futher  information here).

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