Takamos® - Tactical camera monitor system
Full visibility with full protection for 100 % situational awareness
TaKaMoS® sharpens situational awareness with a seamless 360° field of vision during use of full armour protection. This increases the safety of all personnel.

Systematic situational awareness

With four low-light cameras, TAKAMOS® facilitates complete observation of the near and close range up to 25 metres. 4 x 180° horizontal field of vision and 4 x 160° vertical field of vision in each direction enable a panoramic view from the ground to the building roofs from the first centimetre from the edge of the vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Hardware-independent, ITAR-free, obsolescence-free
  • Vehicle-independent and (N)GVA-compatible
  • Ad-hoc field tests possible with rapid-deployment-kit
  • Seamless 360° field of vision with hatches closed
  • Observation right from the edge of the vehicle
  • Independent individual view for each crew member
  • Field maintenance – Plug and see
  • Patented calibration procedure
  • Sensor fusion facilitates individual alignment of the system
  • Interface for command information system


Even in the most modern of armoured vehicles, visibility is lost at the expense of safety. TaKaMoS® resolves this conflict and enables full visibility with full protection.

The ideal solution to the following challenges:

Restricted visibility

  • Few windows due to high demands for armour protection
  • Visibility options through optical aids limited by design
  • Areas directly around the vehicle (lethal zone) not visible

A lack of situational awareness

  • Monitoring near and close range beneath armour protection not possible
  • Particularly high risk of danger in urban terrain with asymmetric threat situation

Improved vision equipment required for

  • Situation-adapted action rather than reaction
  • Averting danger to life and limb of personnel
  • Optimum mission fulfilment
Robust for every mission

The cameras positioned on the vehicle, as well as the image processing system for seamless all-round vision, remain operational with the highest degree of reliability.

The ESG-patented software calibrates the cameras fully automatically and invisibly in the background whilst the vehicle is in motion. As such, the system does not lose performance.

Rapid repair
Any user can replace a defective camera and calibrate the new one, meaning no further delays to mission fulfilment. No special test environment is required for calibration. Camera exchange and calibration can therefore take place in a matter of minutes.

Full situational awareness

The live images from the 4 low-light cameras are converted directly into a complete panorama. This provides the user with a clear view from the interior and “through the vehicle”, whilst simultaneously presenting the real three-dimensionality.

Intuitive and stress-free operation
With TaKaMoS®, the crew can move to any location and take in any angle of view. An infinitely variable zoom enables a rapid overview of the situation, right down to concentration on mission-critical details around the vehicle.

Suitable for every vehicle
Irrespective of the vehicle and purpose of the operation, TaKaMoS® facilitates full situational awareness with a high-quality 360° panoramic view. By providing a clear view together with a full armour protection, it is possible to significantly reduce the danger to life and limb of the crew.

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