Interoperabilität im multinationalem Umfeld mit der ESG
We securely network you within a multinational environment
We have been facing the challenges of multinational cooperation and the use of different standards from the very first steps taken within the digitalisation of the armed forces.

Simple and low-maintenance interoperability

To ease the burden on the armed forces

Thanks to the integration of the ASCA (Artillery System Cooperation Activities) interface and our Information Mediation Service, you will be able to utilise the benefits of multinational cooperation at all times. You gain here from our in-depth knowledge of the standards applied and you are specifically supported by our software products.

Your advantages:

  • Proven interoperability

  • Simple administration

  • Multinational cooperation


Artillery System Cooperation Activities

Your interface with multinational artillery fire

As a result of the large number of weapon deployment systems within the Community of Interest JFS, as early as the late 1980s work began on defining and testing common interfaces. The ASCA interface is a successful example of this. It received the Operational Evaluation (Version 4) back in 2003. ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH has been represented in all workshops and working groups since the outset of interface development. Thanks to our expertise across the entire ASCA environment, we are able to guarantee you a fully operational system and therefore enable combat missions across national, language and organisational borders.

Your advantages:

  • Multinational interface
  • Bypass language barriers and accelerate processes
  • Specialist expertise across the entire ASCA environment
  • Suitable for integration in all ESG systems


Information Mediation Service

Effective multinational communication

Our Information Mediation Service (IMS) facilitates a quick and easy connection between different command and control systems and therefore supports the soldiers in the task of establishing effective and efficient communication.

Your advantages:

  • Field-tested stand-alone product
  • Joint implementation across military levels
  • Simple connection of simulation systems
  • Easy expansion (SOA)
  • Straightforward configuration by the user
  • Minimal hardware requirements
  • Optimised for low bandwidth
  • Large number of different (predefined) standards
  • Can be individually adapted to customer requirements
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