Artillerieführungssystem ADLER III STF - System für alle Joint-Fire-Support-Assets
One system for all Joint Fire Support assets on the battlefield
The large number of effectors and sensors on the battlefield and their individual command and control systems often lead to an information overload. ADLER III enables the connection of all assets and offers the soldier a single system with an intuitive user interface.


In addition to the capabilities of TARANIS® Battlefield, on which the system is based, ADLER III enables soldiers to deploy all the capabilities of all branches of the armed forces in a coordinated manner.
The software already has a large number of connected systems for all branches of the armed forces. As an addition we developed our EAGLE² system, which was specially designed for Digitally Aided Close Air Support.

Advantages for the user:

  • All functionalities of TARANIS® Battlefield
  • Coordinated use of capabilities
  • High number of systems already integrated (howitzers, mortars, frigates, rocket launchers, UAVs, etc.)
Koordination der Streitkräfte mithilfe des Artillerieführungssystems ADLER III STF

Use of multinational effectors and sensors

The interoperability of all international standards, including ASCA, ensures the use of effectors and sensors from multinational partners at all times. In doing so, easy handling by the user as well as clear and efficient resource management are always taken into account.

Advantages for the user:

  • International interoperability standards
  • ASCA interface
  • Mission-tested (IFOR, KFOR, eFP)

Simple use of complex systems on the battlefield

An intuitive and simple user interface has been created as a result of years of cooperation with various national and international military forces. This enables the soldier to use the effectors and sensors in a targeted manner even in stressful situations.

Advantages for the user:

  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Targeted and effective use of effectors and sensors
  • Firefight workflows for a better overview
by reducing time and human error

Due to the significant time saving between reconnaissance and effect, the effect required on the battlefield is available more quickly. ADLER III provides significant support and workload relief for own troops. In addition, strict digitalisation eliminates all (human) sources of error. This enables a faster and more accurate provision of the required effects – to protect and support your own forces.

Advantages for the user:

  • Time saving through request, release and process with a single system
  • Fast delivery of required artillery fire, or joint fire support, at the needed location
  • Elimination of human error in manual inputs / radio speech
  • Consideration of FCMs and (partly) ACMs

Support and Services

  • Simple integration of existing systems and new acquisitions (including manual weapons systems such as mortars)
  • Hardware-independent – we are happy to advise you and find the optimum solution for your needs
  • Specialised in low-bandwidth radios
  • Solutions for GPS-denied environment
  • Individual adaptations possible
enabling joint fire support
for 25 years

ESG’s C4FS system ADLER has a long history of successfully delivering key command & control capabilities for Joint Fire Support across Europe. For over 25 years, ADLER has played a crucial role at the heart of the German artillery system. See the key milestones over the decades in this short video.