ballistic missile defence

Ballistic missiles - both nuclear and conventional - pose a major threat to our security and political freedom.

As a national contribution to the development of the "missile shield for Europe" established by the EU in 2014 as part of the NATO European Ballistic Missile Defence, Germany intends to procure a missile defence system for the upper interception layer. The key requirements are:

  • Timely and low-risk procurement of an existing overall system
  • Adaptation of the system to German regulations
  • Seamless integration into national and NATO networks
esg - partner for ballistic missile defence

For more than five decades, ESG has been a reliable partner for the implementation of new systems into the German armed forces.

We have been involved in missile defence with PATRIOT since the 1990s and maintain partnerships with OEMs and the supplier industry. For sensor systems such as the counter-battery radar COBRA, we are the company with overall responsibility and are therefore also the system leader for the NATO nations involved.

  • Overall responsibility
  • Cooperation with OEMs
  • Complete system integration
  • Support throughout the entire lifecycle
  • Independent from manufacturers
  • Procurement
  • NATO / EU / DEU certification
  • Laws, military standards and norms
  • NATO compatibility
  • Adaptation to German interfaces
  • Realtime networking
  • Command & controls systems
  • Integrated tests and simulation
  • Cyber and information security
  • Risik minimisation
  • Warehousing
  • Supply chain management
  • Life cycle cost management
  • Obsolescence management
  • Occupational safety and environmental protection
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Documentation (IETD)
  • Set-up and operation of the infrastructure
  • Mission planning and evaluation
  • Test and reference systems
  • Training
  • Software maintenance and modification
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