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Our experience and expertise for the success of our customers

With a holistic approach to information security, you protect yourself, your information, and your products. From system development through vulnerability analyses and hardening operating systems and hardware to monitoring IT systems, we offer our customers a broad and individually customisable portfolio. ESG brings decades of experience into the analysis of complex IT systems for crucial business processes.


Our analysis and assessment aim to protect your corporate assets. It is crucial to recognise risks to be able to control them. Control can mean taking the appropriate technical, organisational, personnel or technical mitigation measures. The creation of an IT/information security concept thus provides a constructive approach to ensuring the security of your valuable assets.

We develop concepts based on different (national/international) methodologies. For example, our employees have a wealth of experience in dealing with the BSI’s IT-Grundschutz, ISO/IEC:27001 or the French EBIOS methodology.

We guide you to more security:

  • Dealing with strict security requirements and standards
  • Ensuring availability, integrity and commitment
  • Optimisation of the outcome through intensive exchange and coordination of all relevant stakeholders


With our consulting services, we bring the benefit of our experience into your development processes. This enables you to take into account all information security requirements for your project early on in the design phase.

We carry out a requirements analysis as part of the consulting service during the development phase. We map out information security concerns, identify potential vulnerabilities, and propose effective mitigation measures.

We support you from the very beginning:

  • Consideration of information security early on in the design and development phases
  • In-depth consulting as a success factor
  • Early involvement of expert knowledge leads to cost reduction by eliminating costly re-designs


We develop security architectures tailored to your system, support you in selecting suitable products and help with implementation.

With the security by design approach, we pursue the goal of implementing a high, system-inherent security level through the appropriate system configuration, hardening and use of IT security products. The benefit for our customers are high-quality secure systems that also provide a high level of basic security throughout their lifecycle. 

Developing resilient systems:

  • Security as an integral part of your system
  • Development of needs-based security architectures
  • High flexibility thanks to independent and product-neutral advice


Vulnerabilities and security gaps in software and hardware products are constantly being reported.  Customers are faced with the challenge of identifying and assessing the appropriate threats for their system. ESG can develop and implement a process tailored to your system for monitoring and evaluating vulnerabilities and security gaps. But regulatory requirements from legislators or supervisory authorities can also have an impact on information security management. With our customised solutions, we can support you in monitoring these external factors and advise you on their implementation. 

Continuous monitoring:

  • Background research on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
  • Monitoring regulatory changes
  • Support and consulting for implementation