Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)
Ready for complex operations
Tactical drones are economic and effective alternatives to manned aircraft systems—expanding sensor capabilities and range while keeping mission crews out of harm’s way and available for more challenging tasks. As an experienced contractor for the German Armed Forces as well as other professional civil and military customers, ESG is well-prepared to adapt and integrate innovative, new unmanned systems into existing customer operations. From procurement to certification and in-field support, ESG offers a wide range of services to support the entire life cycle of unmanned systems integration.

Tactical Drone Centre

Equipment optimisation through platform independence

ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH works with customers and partner companies to provide scalable, customized UAS services based on each customer's specific needs, capabilities and preferences. At ESG, the mission and customer requirements drive the design solutions: as a platform-independent integrator, ESG is capable of selecting the newest and most robust technologies available without brand-name restrictions.

Core CompetEncies

  • Support for the integration of unmanned systems into military operations
  • Customer-specific requirement identification and development  
  • Systems engineering for ruggedization and robustness efforts
  • UAS Integration into customer systems and logistics
  • Category 1 certification
  • Training
  • Product support
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Occupational safety and hazard assessment
  • IT / Cyber-Security

Additional Support and Services

  • Technical and logistics consulting
  • Engineering design and development
  • Certification of UAS / subsystems via the relevant certification authorities
  • Flight operations and flight testing
  • Integrated logistics support
  • Integration into existing customer systems (IT / cyber security, system logistics, risk assessment, hazard assessment, etc.)
  • Integration into customer-specific C3 systems
  • Swarm control and swarm intelligence  
  • Expertise and solutions for actionable intelligence
  • AI-based airborne data processing
  • Development / modification of mission equipment (also through partner companies)
  • Enhanced data processing (also through partner companies)

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