ESg Fallschirmsysteme bringen Streitkräfte sicher ins Ziel
Parachute systems
We'll get you to your target safely
We assume system responsibility and provide support for military parachute systems from introduction to phasing out.


With manufacturer-independent know-how and logistical core competence, we ensure the operational readiness of parachute systems and increase the availability of the systems on the ground and in the air through efficient cooperation with different manufacturers.

Overview of our solution:

  • Support for military parachute systems
  • Responsibility of overall system
  • Manufacturer-independent consulting with market studies
  • Introduction, support during the operational phase in a technical logistic context
  • Military aviation certification
Herstellerunabhängiges Know-How für Fallschirmsysteme mit ESG

Parachute systems

Our equipment focus:

  • Parachute systems
  • Cargo parachutes
  • Cargo harnesses
  • Rigging material

Support and Services

  • Technical-logistical support and development-technical support
  • Introduction of new parachute systems
  • Responsibility of overall system
  • Adaptation to existing logistic processes
  • System Implementation
  • Operator training
  • Logistic Support during ongoing operation
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