ESG Vordringliches Marine-Unmanned Aircraft System
Urgent Marine Unmanned Aircraft System
To support the expansion of the German Navy's UAS fleet, ESG is preparing a customised naval version of the UMS V-200 Skeldar. The final product will be a robust and reliable UAS suitable for ship-based operations - including automatic take-off/landing (ATOL), EO/IR data acquisition/transmission and emergency procedures such as automatic flight termination.

KEY capabilities

VTOL, automatic take-off/landing (ATOL), F44 "heavy fuel" capable, integrated EO/IR sensor, rapid re-deployment from prepared K130 ships, GCS integrated into the Operations Center of the K130 & automatic flight termination capability

ESG's services:

  • Product support,
  • UAS-ship integration for the K130,
  • Category 1 certification,
  • Documentation and initial spare parts delivery
  • Delivery of UAV and Ground Control Station (Skeldar V-200 system)
  • Initial training for operators and technicians
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