ESG Drohnenabwehrsystem für Feldlagerschutz
drone defence system for field camp protection
Early detection and effective defence against drones
Container-based GUARDION systems for the early detection and effective defence against drones for field camp protection in the deployment and mission areas of the German Armed Forces.

ESG Scope:

  • Main Contractor
  • Integrator
  • C3I Software: processing of all sensor data by using its proprietary core intelligence, and visualization in an intuitive map-based operational picture via ESG’s military command and control system TARANIS®
Main Components:
  • Hensoldt's high-performance Xpeller system components Spexer2000 3D radars and Night Owl M cameras
  • R&S® ARDRONIS radio direction finders from the GUARDION cooperation partner Rohde & Schwarz
  • Effectors from HP Wüst.
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