What we have to offer

A job that will never get boring, enjoyable collaboration with colleagues, and the feeling that you are making a useful contribution – this is what we have to offer.

Our broad customer base and activities in future-oriented fields mean that we have many challenging roles to offer. Technology and consulting are closely interlinked in all areas of the business. Short pathways and an open company culture result in a manageable and pleasant working environment which allows our members of staff to grow and develop. We actively promote performance and encourage our staff to take on responsibility. ESG provides its employees with the professional environment of an international company. History, a diversity of industries and the size of the company all ensure a high degree of stability and job security.

Work should be varied, fun, provide a sense of meaning and offer fulfilment that lasts a lifetime. At ESG, we work on projects and always on behalf of the customer: we work to find the best solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow – all in line with the ESG company motto DEDICATED TO SOLUTIONS. Project work offers great variety and ensures that our members of staff are constantly developing on a professional, methodological and personal level. Working for and together with customers brings ESG colleagues together – because everyone knows that we can only fulfil the challenges and issues facing our customers to a high level of quality and to their satisfaction if we work together in a team. Contributing together and fulfilling the wishes of our customers – that is our daily work.

dedicated to solutions
Enjoy work

Our staff are important to us – our managers do not just preach appreciation and mutual respect, they practise it too. Every good idea and good opinion is welcome; commitment is rewarded; mistakes can happen – if we learn from them. Situational feedback and coaching from experienced employees and managers makes it easier for young professionals in particular to quickly gain a foothold within ESG and to feel secure in their new job.

Rigid working hours are a thing of the past. Depending on their stage of life, our employees can opt for more or fewer working hours per week – we offer various solutions for flexible working and can thus largely accommodate the wishes and needs of our employees. Early birds arrive and go home early; late-risers can arrive later and work in to the evening – as a company, our priority is simply that communication can function between team members and that staff fulfil their working commitments. This flexible approach to work means that you can enjoy a meaningful work-life balance.

Careers at ESG
Camaraderie, transparency, personal and professional development

The culture at ESG is shaped by a camaraderie and a willingness to help amongst colleagues and it is this that takes us forward together. The only way to ensure the greatest possible efficiency in everyday working life is open communication and the dissemination of information by the more experienced members of staff to the less experienced.

Transparency across all levels and between levels gives our employees a sense of security. Successes are reported as often as difficulties. This is what is expected by mature and responsible employees and we want to live up to their expectations.

A career at ESG means continuous personal and professional development, the rewarding of successes, and thanks and praise for true commitment. All of this takes place at ESG, even without management. Career paths may take you along a specialist path or down the project management route.

Our members of staff can make use of an external family service, which offers childcare support, care for relatives and emergency care. This service is highly regarded by our working parents and is widely used.

ESG is not a corporation – around 1,700 people work in our company, and around 80% are engineers and IT specialists. This size offers clarity, a friendly atmosphere and a real feeling of togetherness. Unlike large corporations, we provide an environment in which you can find your place; here, you don’t just feel like part of the whole, but like you make a real contribution; and you can look forward to a considerably broader and more varied role.

Make our advantage your advantage and apply now!

Our goals
Our commitment

Diversity means equality of opportunity for all members of staff.

Networking, mobility and diversity are all key characteristics of today’s world. As a company, we want to integrate diversity into our everyday working life wherever possible and to utilise the opportunities that it provides. There is no denying that diverse teams are more successful than homogeneous teams. Experience shows that, when it comes to problem-solving, the best results are achieved when you have a range of points of view, opinions, approaches and ideas. A company like ESG, which largely lives by the creativity and problem-solving skills of its employees, can only remain successful if diversity is valued and lived in all projects and areas of business.

We want to work together to develop the image of ESG, to add new facets and, in doing so, to increase the appeal and competitive edge of the company as an employer over the long term.

Why we
are top4women

We want to encourage more women (students, graduates, female professionals and managers) to apply for a job at ESG.

We discuss the expectations that women have regarding their career development at an early stage and give women the courage to find a balance between carrying out a role that demands responsibility and family commitments rather than shying away from the prospect.

We offer special training for our female members of staff – regardless of their age, role in the company and job specialism – and it is very positively received. The course reflects on the role of women in a male-dominated environment, on their personal impact and position; clarity in communication is trained and the women are provided with tools for dealing with difficult situations. The aim of the training session is to encourage the participants to pro-actively plan their own careers and to push themselves forward.

We have been involved in the MentorING programme run by the TU Munich for many years. As part of this commitment, we advise female graduates from the STEM sector with regard job applications, starting a career, career development and work-life balance. In addition, our internal women’s network promotes interaction between our female employees.

Each year, we commission an external institute to audit our company and take an objective look at our progress regarding the advancement of women and to implement our goals on a step-by-step basis. We have been presented with the top4women seal, which confirms that we provide framework conditions and development opportunities relevant to women.