Culture & Values

In times of constant change, ESG offers job security to its employees. This is borne out by the company’s history, reputation, proven success on the market, industry diversity and service portfolio, customer loyalty and the forward-looking approach of the management team. The fact that ESG has always made a strong profit throughout its 55-year company history is the best proof, however.

Our long-lasting, reliable customer partnerships are owed to employees who value trust, customer orientation and execution above all else. The good customer structure and solid business divisions provide both stability and security.



We hold our applicants and employees in high regard. There is a place for people of all ages at ESG. It is the person, their expertise and their commitment that counts.

Joint celebrations are a key part of our shared experience: summer festivals, which see all employees from across Germany invited to our company headquarters; leaving parties for long-standing employees with an honourable mention by the management; after-work parties and celebratory Christmas drinks.

Balance, health and well-being play a key role in focused everyday work. Modern premises, balanced and varied food in the canteen or restaurant vouchers, sports clubs, state-of-the-art air-conditioning and heating systems, which provide a pleasant and natural indoor climate, taking ecological aspects into consideration, all combine to promote a general sense of well-being in the workplace.

The loyalty of our employees shows that the appreciation is mutual.


We do justice to the diversity of our members of staff with personalised development plans designed to develop their professional, personal, methodological and social skills. Regular discussions with supervisors and the HR team guarantee investment in the future potential of our staff.

We offer variety to our employees and they appreciate it: varied projects, multifaceted issues, a broad range of products and the chance to interact with different communities all add variety to the work day.


Employees who value and make the most of their room for manoeuvre; managers who entrust them with responsibility from an early stage; colleagues who enjoy meeting for discussions in our open meeting spaces – these are all examples of our open, trusting company culture.

Trust, flexible working hours and plenty of room to manoeuvre all mean that our staff can act independently and put their ideas into practice. In order to put their innovative ideas to the test, our employees are given a specific period of time which they can dedicate to their own innovative project.


Framework conditions, processes, procedures and remuneration and working hours systems provide structure, safety, reliability and trust across the company.

Our remuneration system promotes performance and success, responsibility and commitment. The share ownership scheme represents a direct, transparent and fair way to reward commitment and performance.

Honesty, transparency and an open-door policy that is exemplified by the management all combine to ensure open and easy interactions.

expert knowledge

Our topics are demanding, our staff highly qualified and our work quality-orientated.

We have developed focused training programmes with a clear link to our tasks: “customer management” requires direct contact with customers, daily work in projects demands expertise in the field of “project management”; whilst a focus on complex electronic systems necessitates “systems engineering” knowledge.

The expertise of our long-standing employees is a key pillar of ESG. With the presentation of the annual Innovation Award as part of our company’s technology and innovation management, we recognise the achievements of employees and underline our commitment to thought leadership.