Application tips
and FAQs
What should I include in my application?

A concise cover letter, your CV and your exam certificates, employment references and other certifications of additional qualifications.

Should I submit a speculative application if I cannot find any suitable vacancies on the careers page?

Many of our job advertisements contain very specific requirements that many potential applicants cannot fulfil. It is also not always necessary. If the combination of our range of services and your education or training give you the impression that you have something to offer that would be of interest, we would be happy to receive your speculative application. When you submit a speculative application, it is vital that you explain your expertise and experience in detail, as well as what you are particularly interested in and which ESG locations you could imagine working at.

A role has been advertised as a student trainee role but I am looking for an internship. Can I apply anyway?

Yes. In some cases, it doesn’t matter whether the role is completed by a student trainee or an intern. Some roles are only suitable for limited-period internships due to the time constraints. In theory, you can apply for all student roles – we will decide whether it is best-suited to a student trainee role or an internship during our internal checks.

What is the minimum length of an internship at ESG?

In theory there are no time constraints – we can adapt the role to suit your study requirements. If your degree includes a fixed internship period, which you would like to split up between roles in various companies, we recommend you take the longest time periods possible. This is beneficial for you and for us, as your tasks will be more interesting the longer your internship is with us.

When should I apply?

You should apply approx. 2-4 months before your internship is due to start. In the case of a student trainee, you can apply at any time. The topics are not time limited.

I am interested in completing my thesis at ESG (diploma, bachelor or master) – what should I do next?

Are you coming to the end of your degree and want to write your final thesis in a company to ensure it has a practical connection? Are you studying one of the aforementioned subjects and are starting to think about which area you want to look into further during your thesis work? Are you looking for a suitable partner to provide an appropriate topic and supervise and advise you on your journey to producing a successful thesis?

You can find our current topics on our vacancies board. If you have a different topic in mind that you believe would fit into our range of services, don’t hesitate to get in touch: discuss it with your professors at university and then get in touch with us – either by phone or through a speculative application.

If you come up with a suitable subject area during a personal discussion with a specialist department at ESG, you need to find a suitable supervisor at your university who is willing to supervise your thesis. We are happy to advise you regarding institutes that we have successfully worked with in the past.

Does ESG offer internships for school pupils?

In theory, yes. Many schools plan an internship of three weeks, which you can complete at ESG, whether you are interested in IT, electronics, marketing, accounting or administrative roles.